Are Microaggressions & Racism Causing You Stress?

Learn breathing practices and mindfulness tools to lower your blood pressure and reduce your stress levels in a world that is slow to change.

"This course made me feel seen!  As one of the only Black leaders in my organization, I’m often exhausted by always holding the ‘teaching’ for the group. This course gave me practical tools that I can use in the moment to take care of my mind, body, and spirit!"

~Terea Macomber

"I didn’t realize I had accepted anxiety and tension as normal in my daily life. After doing Zee’s breathing exercises, my shoulders almost immediately relaxed, and I was more calm and grounded! I would encourage anyone to implement these breathing techniques in their day-to-day!"

~Jamel Wooten

Does This Sound Familiar?

  • You get triggered by things people say or do to you because of your race.
  • You feel like you have to work twice as hard just to be treated like everyone else at your job.
  • You worry about the safety of your children.
  • You feel like your stress levels just keep increasing.

Imagine living a healthy, happy life

with a lot less stress.



What if you could...

  • Reduce your stress levels during hard days. 
  • Lower your blood pressure.
  • Boost your energy levels when you’re exhausted.
  • Maintain your ability to focus and be productive.
  • Get a good night’s sleep consistently.
  • Release frustration when you aren’t treated the way that you deserve.

While you can’t control the world around you, you can control how you feel inside. I can’t wait to show you how!



Hi! I'm Zee Clarke

I’m a Harvard MBA, and I used to lead teams at Fortune 500 companies and tech startups in Silicon Valley. On the surface, it seemed like everything in life was going great! However, the microaggressions and racism at work and in life led me to a rock bottom I will never forget.

I was constantly on edge that something else might happen to me or others that looked like me. My mental and physical health started to decline. Chronic stress and chronic fatigue are real! 

So I quit my job and went to India! I learned powerful tools like breathwork and mindfulness practices and I had never felt better in my whole life! 

Today I teach Black and brown communities at companies like Google, Visa, and AMC Networks how to reduce their stress levels.  My book, Black People Breathe, has been featured in leading publications including Oprah Daily, Fortune, and ABC.

I created this course because I want you to know,

you don’t have to accept these stress levels as the status quo.



 Breathing Through

Microaggressions & Racism


This Self-Paced Online Course Is The Ultimate Toolkit for

Stress Relief and Rejuvenation.

"I’ve already used these breathing practices with my coworkers! I didn’t realize the scope of what could be called a microaggression, and I deal with them daily! But these breathing exercises really work!"

~Rokeda Brownell

"Whether at work, at home, or on the road, this course can help you navigate situations when your emotions are heightened. If you want to be mindful of how you respond to triggering situations, then I fully recommend you take this course!"

~Dalayna Jackson

Lifetime Access to 10 Self-Paced Modules

Every module focuses on a particular emotion.  Throughout each week, notice when you experience that emotion, and put the tools to practice. You can come back to the tools as often as you need to.

MODULE 1 - INTRODUCTION: In this module, you’ll get an overview of this course, meet your instructor, and preview how this course is structured and what you will learn.

MODULE 2 - IDENTIFYING MICROAGGRESSIONS & RACISMLearn the definitions of microaggressions & racism, how to identify these experiences, and get a deeper understanding of the impacts of these experiences on your mental and physical health.

MODULE 3 - TRIGGERED: In this module, you’ll learn powerful tools you can use the next time a microaggression triggers you or experience racism in your life.

MODULE 4 - ANXIETY: In this module, you’ll learn what you can do to calm your anxiety when you experience intense thoughts of fear or worry due to experiences of racism.

MODULE 5 - FEAR: In this module, you’ll learn what you can do when you experience fear, especially around violence and the police.  You’ll learn a breathing practice that you can do to find some peace in these challenging moments.

MODULE 6 - ANGER:  Regardless of the cause of your anger, you’ll learn ways to release that anger so that you can live a happy and healthy life despite the challenges.

MODULE 7 - TIRED: In this module, you’ll learn how fatigue can impact many aspects of your life, and you’ll learn tools to boost your energy when you are exhausted.

MODULE 8 - SAD:  Life has days of joy and days of sadness. The first step is acknowledging how you are feeling. In this module, you’ll learn one tool you can practice the next time something is bringing you down.

MODULE 9 - RAIN A PATH TO HEALING:  In this module, you’ll learn a mindfulness framework called RAIN which is a step-by-step process you can use on your healing journey when you have a challenging experience because of your race.

MODULE 10 - KEY TAKEAWAYS:  While a lot is covered in this course, this module summarizes the top five things for you to remember.


4 Monthly Masterclasses, Live with Zee

Every month, there will be a live masterclass with Zee where you can connect with others with shared experiences, learn new tools, and get all of your questions answered. Masterclasses will be recorded if you can’t attend live.
#1 Stress Management & Self-Care

We will share our experiences around the causes of our stress, and we will learn tools such as daily routine optimization and breathing practices so that we might find balance and grounding regardless of the challenges that we face.

#2 Surviving and Thriving at Work

Whether it’s microaggressions from colleagues or hitting your head on the glass ceiling (often called the concrete ceiling for BIPOC communities), you’ll learn strategies to thrive in the workplace despite these and other challenges.

#3 Managing Self Doubt

Self doubt can be paralyzing. It is wasted energy yet most of us get stuck in this never-ending cycle.  In this masterclass, we will share our experiences with self doubt, and we will learn powerful techniques to boost our confidence during these moments.

#4 Breathing Through Hard Times

In addition to everyday stresses around work and to-do lists, there are moments when big events occur that can be challenging to deal with.  In this masterclass, you will learn mindfulness and breathwork tools to bring back a sense of peace during these tough moments.



Self-Care Toolkit

This bonus module includes 3 powerful self-care tools you can integrate into your daily life to have a sense of grounding regardless of what comes your way.



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